Monday, October 1, 2012

Humboldt: Seemann, Hunt and Vroman-Little: Three women shared a love for running

Not specifically about geography, just a note about drunk drivers - as these women had to have been hit by a drunk driver. The bastard had to be drunk - how else could he not see three women jogging along the side of the road??

Don't drink and drive!

From the Willits News: Humboldt: Seemann, Hunt and Vroman-Little: Three women shared a love for running

Humboldt State University geography lecturer Suzanne Seemann, 40, is remembered by friends and colleagues as a well-respected teacher who was dedicated to her family and active in the running community.
Seemann was killed Thursday morning in a hit-and-run collision while jogging along Myrtle Avenue with two other women. Eureka residents Jessica Hunt and Terri Vroman-Little were severely injured.

The mother of a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old, Seemann had been running with the two women for years, said Six Rivers Running Club President Gary Timek. Timek said the three women had previously run the Boston Marathon together.

Seemann, who specialized in weather and climate change, had been with HSU Geography Department since 2011. She previously taught at College of the Redwoods, a statement from HSU President Rollin Richmond said. Seemann held degrees from the University of Wisconsin, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Princeton.

”Suzanne's colleagues in the Department of Geography have shared with me their keen sorrow at her loss,” Richmond said. “They describe her as an extraordinarily talented and popular instructor, one who will be sorely missed.”

Geography professor Stephen Cunha said the close-knit nature of the department, and HSU as a whole, made the loss even more difficult.

”She was just loved by her students,” Cunha said. “She was an absolutely brilliant woman.”

Cunha said Seemann could have made “gobs of money in the private sector,” but she instead chose to settle in Humboldt County, where her husband Hank Seemann is originally from, to teach and raise a family. Hank Seemann is the county's deputy director of environmental services.

”She chose to work as a lecturer, and devote the rest of her time to family,” Cunha said. “She loved the ability to dwell on her subject and share it with students for half a day, and then spend the other half with family. Students loved her for that.”

Jessica Hunt
Jessica Hunt, 41, survived but suffered major injuries in the hit and run. She underwent surgery at St. Joseph Hospital Thursday afternoon. A hospital spokeswoman said Hunt was in stable condition Friday.
An entry on the Six Rivers Running Club Facebook posted early Friday afternoon said that Hunt is “doing better today, but still is not totally coherent and has not been told the sad news (about the death of Seemann).” A post later in the evening said Hunt was out of the Intensive Care Unit.
”She is going to make it,” said Six Rivers Running Club member Cindy Timek. “We're happy. It was touch and go for a minute there.”

According to a Six Rivers Running Club statement on behalf of the families, Hunt and her husband have two boys. She is a teacher at Mistwood Montessori School and the director of the 34th Annual Humboldt Redwoods Marathon.

Hunt's dog, Maggie, was also killed in the accident. Maggie was described as a “beloved running dog/partner,” in a Six Rivers Running Club statement.

Terri Vroman-Little
Terri Vroman-Little, 50, also survived the hit-and-run, and is in stable condition.

The Six Rivers Running Club Facebook page said she “heard the sad news about (Suzanne Seemann) and is devastated at this time.” A St. Joseph Hospital spokeswoman confirmed that Vroman-Little was in stable condition Friday.

Vroman-Little teaches at Redwood Coast Montessori School. She and her husband have a daughter and a son, Cindy Timek said.

”She's a really good runner, and her daughter just ran her first 10k,” Cindy Timek said. 

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