Monday, April 23, 2012

More than maps

From the Towerlight: More than maps
Geography Society discusses special, cultural distribution

Geography is defined as the science of the land and the phenomena of the Earth. But to the Geography Society, it means much more.

The 12-member group is developing and looking for improvement as one of Towson’s Social Academic Special Interest Clubs, according to its president, sophomore geography major David Marin. About two years ago, the Geography Department called for a special interest meeting regarding the soon-to-be Geography Society, and Marin said he couldn’t resist the opportunity.

Marin said that the Geography Society is stereotyped as a bunch of nerds who like geography. In reality, it is just the opposite. The club discusses special and cultural distribution around the globe. Marin said the most important project they are working on now is similar to Google Street View, but for Towson University’s campus. The club is compiling pictures, along with their GPS location coordinates, to display on Towson’s website. This is an excellent way for both current and prospective students to see Towson really up close and personal, according to Marin. And the completion of the construction sites will be available for anyone to see.

“We will have a finished product by the end of the semester,” Marin said. “We are always a big help to the department and are willing to volunteer as much as we can. If we get the opportunity to collaborate with other departments or other universities, we’ll definitely take it.”

The society also collaborated with a geographic information sciences conference held on campus. This was where members were able to talk about how far GIS has come within the last 25 years.

“This was a great networking experience and a way for us to share more ideas to everyone,” Marin said. “We are really getting our roots reset. Overall, I am really proud about how far we’ve come in three semesters.”

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