Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Where is Ontario?

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and is located in Southwestern Ontario at the western end of the heavily populated Quebec City – Windsor Corridor. It is within the Essex, Ontario Census division, although administratively separated from the county government. Separated by the Detroit River, Windsor is located south of Detroit, Michigan in the United States. Windsor is known as The City of Roses and residents are known as Windsorites.

From the Windsor Star (Canada): Divers take New Year's dip
WINDSOR, Ont. -- A quick New Year's Day dip in the Detroit River is just a bit of "idiocracy," performed by members of the Windsor Skin and Scuba Club each year, according to a WSSC diver.

"It sets up the year right. We have a lot of diving ahead of us," said Gary Gavin, the newsletter editor and longtime member of the club.

The annual Polar Bear Dip has taken place on New Year's Day for close to 30 years, Gavin said.

The club had 30 members last year, but only two brave souls decided to take the plunge Sunday afternoon.

Gavin and the club's treasurer Robert Latouf pulled on their almost 50 pound gear and inched around the edge of a ledge over the river at Riverside Drive and Crawford Avenue.

A small crowd gathered to watch as the pair plunged into the 6 C water.

Last year the river was covered with large ice chunks, preventing the group from diving.

Latouf 's wife Renee Latouf, who is the club's president, said the club has suffered a decline in members.

The club is offering free membership to anyone who's never been a member.

Gavin and Latouf didn't go deep in the water due to murky visibility.

Instead, they bobbed down the river for around 15 minutes.

"A New Year's Day float," Gavin yelled from the river.

He said immersion in the cold water gave him the equivalent of an "ice cream headache."

For more information about the club go to wssc.ca.

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