Wednesday, November 2, 2011

National Geographic Searches For Longevity Secrets in Icaria

From Greek Reporter: National Geographic Searches For Longevity Secrets in Icaria
Residents of the island of Icaria on average live up to 90 years, which is thrice as much as in the USA. This fact has been enough to gather the attention of a National Geographic team, who visited the island in search of the secrets leading to a long healthy life.

The team of experts found out that cancer, cardiovascular, diabetes and senile dementia incidents are considerably less frequent, since the geographical features of the island require constant physical exercise.

The researchers have also discovered that herbs and the green tea consumption are placed high on the locals’ everyday nutrition list, which result in a low blood pressure. Many of the longevity secrets revolve around the Mediterranean nutrition including fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil, elements prolonging the estimated duration of life.

Furthermore, the slow pace of life followed by the Icariots is contributing to their well-being. Most of them do not wear a watch, so the concept of time-stress is completely strange to them. Last but not least, the afternoon siesta (sleep) seems to be a powerful weapon against depression.

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